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Grievance Studies

A critical look at the current state of academia in light of the increasing rates of controversy and gender-related turmoil at Western universities. Guest Commentary

Illustration: Lisa Kollien

«God is dead.« What is often miscon­strued about this most unfortunate quotation is the assumption that its originator basked in his finding. A fierce critic of religion, Nietzsche how­ever never meant for this statement to have any comforting qualities. What he described was a world left in shambles, with people yearning for meaning in the void. This is not meant to be a pamphlet for the values of religiosity, either. Yet, religious vigor rears its head. In a public announcement released in November 2018, the MLU proudly announced satisfaction with its efforts concerning equality and diversity goals.

What is more, the university announced with childlike glee that it would use enormous amounts of money to promote these efforts in the years to come. On the surface this seems noble in intent and hopeful in concept. The skeptic reader will however notice one tendency rather quickly: While the university claims that all its energy is aimed at improving equality, equity is what they really describe. Mehr, mehr, mehr

Dez 2018 English hastuUNI Nr. 81 0

What the … did I just read?

As always, our illustrator’s task was to create some graphic support for some articles. After reading our guest article “Grievance Studies” for the first time, she instead decided to draw a statement against what was written there —which we do not want to hide from you.

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