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Grievance Studies

A critical look at the current state of academia in light of the increasing rates of controversy and gender-related turmoil at Western universities. Guest Commentary

Illustration: Lisa Kollien

«God is dead.« What is often miscon­strued about this most unfortunate quotation is the assumption that its originator basked in his finding. A fierce critic of religion, Nietzsche how­ever never meant for this statement to have any comforting qualities. What he described was a world left in shambles, with people yearning for meaning in the void. This is not meant to be a pamphlet for the values of religiosity, either. Yet, religious vigor rears its head. In a public announcement released in November 2018, the MLU proudly announced satisfaction with its efforts concerning equality and diversity goals.

What is more, the university announced with childlike glee that it would use enormous amounts of money to promote these efforts in the years to come. On the surface this seems noble in intent and hopeful in concept. The skeptic reader will however notice one tendency rather quickly: While the university claims that all its energy is aimed at improving equality, equity is what they really describe. Mehr, mehr, mehr

Dez 2018 English hastuUNI Nr. 81 0

What the … did I just read?

As always, our illustrator’s task was to create some graphic support for some articles. After reading our guest article “Grievance Studies” for the first time, she instead decided to draw a statement against what was written there —which we do not want to hide from you.

Read the related article here.
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Disney’s Gay Closet – Out or In?

Disney movies are often viewed as a stronghold of fairy tales and classical romance. But a closer view shows signs of queerness beneath heteronormativity even before the recent adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

Illustration: Tom Simpson (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) www.flickr.com/photos/randar/20442878708/

Illustration: Tom Simpson (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

In the last couple of years, the Walt Disney Company has not only significantly broadened its repertoire by buying into the Star Wars and Marvel franchise, but also by offering real-life versions of beloved animated fairy tale movies, some more, and some less faithful to their Disney original. The most recent adaptation, after Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, The Jungle Book and Maleficent is Beauty and the Beast, which is almost eerily similar to the animated version, sometimes offering the same scenes shot by shot. And yet, voices all around the world have been speaking up, asking the movie to be banned, like a cinema in Alabama, USA decided to do on its own. In Russia, the beloved children«s classic received only a PG-16 rating, while in Kuwait, the movie was prohibited altogether. Why all the fuss about a story that has been told and re-told countless times, even by Disney itself? Mehr, mehr, mehr

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261 Studiengänge an 10 Fakultäten bietet die MLU, eine beinahe unübersichtliche Anzahl. In unserer Rubrik »Studiengeflüster« stellen unsere Autoren kurz und knapp interessante Aspekte ihres eigenen Studiums vor. Teil 7: “The March Continues”- For MLU student Isabel Neumerkel, a guest lecture on the American Civil Rights Movement became a lasting experience, far beyond her studies.

Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery Alabama // Foto: Isabel Neumerkel

„We will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters, and righteousness like a mighty stream.» This is what Martin Luther King Jr. said in his famous „I Have a Dream» speech in 1963, paraphrasing from the Book of Amos. But what has become of his dream of racial equality today? Has it come true?
An iconic image not only for students of American cultural studies is that of Martin Luther King standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., addressing over 250,000 civil rights supporters and calling for an end to racism. His speech is an example of the many powerful moments that characterize the Civil Rights Movement. But he is also one of the martyrs who lost their lives in the struggle for freedom. Their names and the major events of the movement between 1954 and 1968 are inscribed on the Civil Rights Memorial in Montgomery, Alabama. Inspired by Dr. King’s paraphrase, there is a film of water flowing over the black granite monument.

„If you look at it in terms of 50 years, we have come a long way,» says Lecia Brooks, director of the Civil Rights Memorial Center (CRMC), „but we can all agree that justice is not rolling down like waters just yet.» The memorial center was created to deepen people’s understanding of the Civil Rights Movement and to remember those who sacrificed their lives for justice, equality and human rights. But it also reminds visitors of the fact that intolerance and injustice still exist in our societies today.

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Student University Election 2015

Illustration: Eva Feuchter

Illustration: Eva Feuchter

Come to the polls – that is what you were asked to do on May 27th. The results are out now. You want to know who represents you and your interests in the student parliament and in the student council? Then check it out at www.hochschulwahl.info/de/ergebnisse
The representatives that made into the student senate and the faculty council are listed on http://wisswei.verwaltung.uni-halle.de/wahlen.

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hastuzeit in English

As a service for our international students, this is a provisional list of hastuzeit articles translated into English. Happy reading!

Illustration by Katja Elena Karras Original design by Anne Walther

Illustration by Katja Elena Karras
Original design by Anne Walther

In case you’d like to compare, we’ve added links to the corresponding texts in German, too. Stay tuned for more articles to come!
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