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Student University Election 2015

Illustration: Eva Feuchter

Illustration: Eva Feuchter

Come to the polls – that is what you were asked to do on May 27th. The results are out now. You want to know who represents you and your interests in the student parliament and in the student council? Then check it out at www.hochschulwahl.info/de/ergebnisse
The representatives that made into the student senate and the faculty council are listed on http://wisswei.verwaltung.uni-halle.de/wahlen.

Free Coaching and Job Center of the Student Council/StuRa

You´re looking for a job? No problem! Check out our free job center that´ll help you to find the job that is your perfect match. Simply send an E-Mail to buero@stura.uni-halle.de and be part of our distribution list. You´ll get all the job postings on a regularly basis.

Whenever you need any help concerning law of tenancy, employment law or others, contact our free legal advice.
You are short on money and that is why you have problems with your university courses? We could possibly help you with a student loan. Furthermore we do have extra support of Mrs. Dr. Petra Bebert of the Studentenwerk that offers consulting.

All consulting offers are free of charge for members of the student body (check your student ID for the StuRa logo). They are offered Thursdays from 2pm to 4 pm. If you want to reserve your appointment, please register on our website www.stura.uni-halle.de/service/.

Additionally we offer a free consulting of the consumer advice center. Get you voucher online at www.stura.uni-halle.de/service/verbraucherzentrale/.

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