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How to … use your Semesterticket

The new student travel card valid in the entire MDV area is a premiere for all MLU students. This article will provide answers to lots of questions and help you to make the most of it.

Foto: Christian Schoen
Foto: Christian Schoen

When and where can I use the „Semesterticket»?

You can use it 24/7 during the whole semester (exactly 6 months) in the area of the transport corporation „Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund» (MDV). It includes five administrative districts in Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Thuringia (namely Saalekreis, Burgenlandkreis, Altenburger Land, Landkreis Leipzig, Nordsachsen) as well as the cities Halle and Leipzig. There you can use almost every means of local public transport (regional trains, suburban trains, trams and buses) but not long-distance transport (ICE, IC). Should you ever call an on-call bus, you may have to pay an additional fee according to the usual MDV arrangements.

The area of the former Landkreis (administrated rural district) of Döbeln belongs to another transport corporation (Mittelsachsen), but your Semesterticket is valid there as well, as long as you are coming from or going to the area of the MDV. The plan of fare zones of the MDV shows these zones in the south-east where they are marked specially.

Which universities take part in the „Semesterticket» program?

In the Halle/Merseburg area, only the Martin Luther University offers the full MDV ticket. In Leipzig, the university, the HTWK, the HfTL and the Berufsakademie take part.

Here and there, the price of the ticket is included in the student fees; in Leipzig, however, it costs 10 Euros more. The price difference results from the fact that people in Leipzig can make greater use of the ticket. Leipzig is situated in the middle of the MDV-area; Halle on the other hand, lies on the edge. The city of Leipzig is also a little bit bigger, tickets for the city zone are likewise more expensive than in Halle.

Different pricing for the same Semesterticket is not a local speciality. In Hesse, students from Frankfurt also pay more than those from Gießen.

Foto: Konrad Dieterich

Photo: Konrad Dieterich

So my student ID card is my ticket as well, isn’t it?

Practically yes: the MDV print-on and the current date of validity make your student ID card your semester ticket. However, MDV requires you to carry a valid passport or personal photo ID card.

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Logo: public domain

I don’t need this ticket – do I have to buy it?

Like most German universities with a „Semesterticket», students of the MLU are obliged to pay for the ticket. Because the MDV receives reliable earnings regardless of individual use of the transport services, the Studentenwerk, as a major client, can negotiate a fair price for everyone.

Are there cases in which I don’t have to pay?

Yes: Semesters on leave („Urlaubssemester») are recognized as an acceptable reason in most cases. By the way, in this case the fee of 60,00 € for the „Studentenwerk» is not charged either. Students with a severe disability, who have tokens for local public transport, can be exempted from the „Semesterticket». If you are enrolled at a participating university or college in Leipzig, you’ll only have to pay for the ticket once, in Leipzig. For this you’ll need to get a document to certify that you paid for the ticket from the „Studentenwerk» in Leipzig (the responsible person is Frau Niedenführ). In all cases, you  make a request at the „Immatrikulationsamt»« at the MLU. The exemption holds valid for one semester and has to be applied for again after that. If and how students in cases of social hardship should be exempted from the obligation to pay for the Semesterticket will be considered by the „Stura» and the „Studentenwerk» in the next few weeks.

Foto: PaulT (CC BY-SA 3.0),

Foto: PaulT (CC BY-SA 3.0),

Will the price of my „Semesterticket» go up soon?

At the beginning of every academic year the ticket price will increase. The annual price increases
have already been decided so that the ticket will cost € 118.50 in 2018/19. At the end of a five-year
contract period the price will be subject to new discussions again.

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Logo: public domain

Do I need a ticket for my bike?

Yes and no! On weekdays during daytime your bike does not travel free on the tram. Yet, in many
other cases it does. Basically you may take your bike onboard if there is enough space. However,
pushchairs and wheelchairs always have priority – even if you have already bought a ticket for your

Can I take my bike on a train outside the MDV area?

Bikes travel free on regional trains in Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. In Saxony cycling policies differ
between the regional transport corporations. Often you will have to buy an extra ticket, i.e. a day ticket from the Deutsche Bahn (German National Rail) for your bike that costs €5. If you travel via Döbeln you will get directly to the VMS area in which bikes go free.

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Can I bring my child for free?

As usual children who are not in school yet can travel within the MDV area for free. With the Semesterticket you can in addition to that bring your children, up to the age of 13-years, for free within the Halle city centre zone (zone 210).

Can my dog travel with me for free?

There is no special rule for bringing a dog. Dogs and other pets which don’t travel in a transport box, need an extra ticket.

Can I bring luggage for free?

When the MDV introduced the „Extraticket» for bulky luggage, that caused confusion about how much luggage can be brought for free. The press office answered this question for us and said that you can bring as much luggage as you can carry on your own for free.

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Logo: public domain

Am I fare-dodging if I don’t carry my semester ticket?

Yes, but if you can produce a valid semester ticket within one week (e.g. at a HAVAG Service Centre), you’ll only have to pay € 7 instead of € 40.

The MDV-area is too small for me, I want to go beyond its borders.

You can also use your Semesterticket if you want to change e.g. to a long-distance bus in Leipzig or to an ICE (express train) from Naumburg. In public transport you are allowed to travel to the edges of the MDV-area (map provided here, external link to PDF) and you only need an extra ticket from the last stop in this area.


MDV, Halle City (zone 210) MDV, area of Saxony-Anhalt (excluding Halle) MDV, Leipzig City (zone 110) MDV, area of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia (excluding Leipzig)
regional train services, „S-Bahn»
tram, bus „Extraticket» (€1.40) or monthly bike pass (€16.80) / free with MLU „Semesterticket» between 7pm – 5am, Sat-Sun all day ✓ restrictions apply to some buses „Extraticket» (€1.80) / free with any Leipzig University „Semesterticket» between 7pm – 5am „Extraticket» (depending on zone) / restrictions apply to some buses


Current information on the Semesterticket can be found here:

Alles klar?
The Uni-Service-Card is the student ID (card), also „Studierendenausweis».
Semesterticket student travel pass -> included in student ID card.

MDV-Gebiet refers to the area in which the „Semesterticket» is valid (the MDV is the central German passenger transport executive operating in parts of Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. By the way, the local transport operator in Halle is called HAVAG).

The Studentenwerk responsible for student loan and funding, accomodation, campus catering, counceling services and childcare.

The Immatrikulationsamt is the immatriculation office, responsible for enrollment and deregistration i.a.

The Stura („STUdierendenRAt») is the student representative body/council.

translated by students from the „Advanced Translation» Course at the MLU department for English studies. Special thanks to Marjorie Willey.

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